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Do I Need Planning Permission?

If a building is used for habitation with all the main services, a kitchen or kitchenette, bathroom and bedroom, then yes. This can be achieved via the Caravan Act. You will need approval from your Local Planning Authority.

Our preferred method for obtaining planning permission for your new annexe is via the Caravan act and in most cases, permission is granted.

What Is The Difference Between Planning Permission And The Caravan Act?

Planning Permission is development of land and Caravan Act is use of land. Both are decided by your Local Planning Authority.

Do I Need To Pay Council Tax For A Garden Annexe?

If the person living in your granny annexe is a relative, or you have it for your own use then you should be entitled to a 50% discount on council tax. If the family member living in the annexe is a dependent family member then you will be exempt from paying council tax altogether.

You can find out more about annexes and council tax from your local council website.

I Am Looking To Purchase A Property To Install A Garden Annexe?

The best thing to do here is contact the local planning department prior to booking a survey to find out how they feel about an annexe being installed. Also, to look at the local planning website and find out what has been approved in the area this will give a good idea of how feasible approval will be. We would suggest avoiding properties in greenbelt as it is difficult to obtain planning in these areas.

Can I See One?

Yes, we can arrange a viewing for you at one of our showgrounds.

How Big Can A Garden Annexe Be?

Most annexes have one or two bedrooms. It must not be more than 50% of the total garden area. Our free on-site survey will guide you through what is most likely to get you planning approval.

What's The Biggest Garden Annexe Available?

There are strict guidelines to adhere to regarding the caravan act and plot size available but the largest garden annexe that can be built is 65 feet long by 22 feet wide.

What Cladding Do You Use On The Outside?

There is a wide variety of colours and cladding systems available. These can be viewed in our showground and discussed with our friendly and helpful staff. All our annexes are available in a rendered finish, timber clad or with a variety of low maintenance claddings such as Canexel or Thermowood.

What Will Happen At My Site Survey?

Our design consultant will measure your garden, talk to you about planning, foundations, electrics, water and waste routes. They will also be able to talk you through the design of your annexe, kitchen and bathroom options and answer any questions you may have.

What Is Turn-Key?

It is a complete building ready to move into. We handle every aspect of the process - from an initial site inspection, design, planning / building control, project management, foundation and services.

What Is The Lifespan Of A Garden Annexe?

Our annexes are built to last as they are to comply with building regulations the same as a house, if it is well maintained our annexes should last for decades.

How Quickly Can You Build My Garden Annexe?

Planning usually takes between 10 and 12 weeks. Once planning is granted, we can usually install your annexe in 4-7 weeks, subject to our lead times and availability.

How Well Insulated Are Your Garden Annexes?

Our garden annexe range is built to surpass UK building regulations, so very. They are as thermally efficient as a new build house and to keep you warm, even on the coldest winter days.

How Much Is It For A Site Survey For My Annexe?

Our site surveys are offered free of charge and with no obligation.

If you have a specific query which is not covered on the website please get in touch we would be delighted to assist, you can contact us on either 0800 471 4824 or